The Vote Yes Bemidji Committee is 100% volunteer run.  While the time of the volunteers is free, we need monetary support for things like yard signs, mailers, flyers, and TV and radio ads.  A successful campaign may require as much as $15,000 in these types of communications.

Since we are technically a political campaign, any donations over $99 do require that the donor's name be maintained as a matter of public record.  While we have no intention of publishing the names of our donors, these records must be available upon request. 


Donations of $99 or less may be made 100% anonymously.

HOWEVER!  If you would like your personal name or business logo to be published on our homepage, we are happy to do so!  Please let us know.

Or donate by mail by sending a check made out to:

Vote Yes Bemidji

PO Box 1621

Bemidji, MN, 56619

Thank you for your support!